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La Rosiére – What’s all the fuss about?



la roser blog 2Ever wondered what the fuss is all about with the French resort of La Rosiére and why it’s one of our most popular ski resorts in the Esprit Ski family? We caught up quickly with Sarah Meek, our Esprit Ski Child Care Manager in La Rosiére to talk about why she thinks this beautiful  family friendly resort is the place to be this season.

“La Rosiere is truly the hidden gem of the Tarentaise Valley,  the pistes are quiet  and there is no queuing, except for a short period in February when the French schools are having holiday. But even then the pistes still appears very empty. The wide pistes making this resort excellent for children, and are definitely a key reason why families loves this place”.

 “The chalets here are varied ranging from 5 bed chalets up to 34 bed chalets so there is a wide choice of accommodation to choose from.  Most of the chalets we have are right on the piste which makes it easy for everyone in the family enjoying their time here”.

“Something else that makes this resort special is the people who live here, they truly make the atmosphere in the resort fantastic. Everyone are friendly and no-one passes you in the street without greeting you with a friendly Bonjour! Everyone always offers an helping hand when needed, which is great when running such a large operation”.

“I have worked in La Rosiére for the past 5 seasons with a little stint in Switzerland and I absolutely love this resort.  I do genuinely  recommend this resort for young children learning to ski and for families that want to be able to ski together. Eating out won’t break your bank here ether, as they cater for families it won’t break your bank”.

“In regards to the child care the La Rosiere childcare team have been working very hard to make sure all the guests that are here now, as well as our future guests will have a fantastic holiday. We have planned plenty of fun activities and gained a whole bunch of new songs for all our returning children. The Esprit Ski meeting point in the morning are renowned for being loud but this year we are getting even louder! We are loud and proud with our singing and with 90 children and very enthusiastic child care staff you can imagine no-one around the resort gets a lie in. We are all so excited to meet all the children and parents coming out this season, it will be the best one ever!”. 

la rosiere blog pic

Sarah (third person from left) with a few of the La Rosiére team