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15 Great Years With Esprit

With Esprit’s 35th birthday looming, we have been in contact with one of our most loyal guests, who’s been travelling with Esprit for 15 years (nearly half of its life)!

Introducing Allan Gleeson, a loyal Esprit guest whose children have grown up with Esprit. He kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his experience with Esprit and what has kept him coming back!





  1. What is it about Esprit that kept you coming back?
    The combination of excellent childcare, lovely chalets and desirable resorts.

  2. Can you please share any cherished memories with Esprit?
    I spent several birthdays on Esprit holidays (10th March) and every one was great fun and celebrated with a birthday cake courtesy of the chalet chef.

  3. What were your favourite Esprit resorts?
    Selva, St. Anton & La Rosiere and a long long time ago Verbier.

  4. What did your children love most about Esprit?
    The fun had at snow club, the snow rangers who made the whole experience fun and the weekly evening out with the staff on the chef’s night off which usually involved Pizza, Bowling and/or Bum boarding.
  1. What did you love most about Esprit?
    The unique balance that an Esprit skiing holiday can give you between knowing the children are safe and enjoying their time in outstanding childcare, skiing together as a family, but also the opportunity to enjoy skiing as a couple and to enjoy some grown-up time.

  2. Do you still ski as a family?
    Not at present, but still hoping that will become possible again, at the moment we have 1 child too old for Esprit care and 1 who would still benefit from it so haven’t quite worked out how we can make it work until the youngest gets a bit older.

  3. Would you recommend Esprit to a friend?
    We had 15 great years with Esprit and I have, and would again, 100% recommend the company and the people who work for the company.

  4. How long have you skied for?
    30 years +.