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Celebrating 40 years of family fun

It has been 40 years of....
  • Laughter
  • Fun and games
  • Friendships
  • Memories
  • Time for the kids
  • Time for you
  • Time together
  • and of course, skiing!

Here at Esprit we are celebrating our 40th anniversary of taking families on skiing holidays

We are making the most of our 40th birthday - with birthday parties in resort, a look back over our fantastic years of ski seasons and even a giveaway for you, our Esprit family. 


Let's celebrate

How long have you and your family skied with Esprit?

Can you spot a brochure in our video from one of the seasons you enjoyed an Esprit ski holiday?

We can't believe how far we have come and how things have changed. We are very proud to share all these wonderful memories with you and look forward to making many more. 


Birthday Highlights and more

Kit for your kids: 

Find out why renting your children's ski clothes might make life a little easier, save you some money and help save our planet

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History Highlights:

Take a look back at our history, from very old school brochure covers, customer feedback to highlights from our marketing. 

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Catching up with our Ambassador:

Ollie Davies, Winter Olympian meets us on the slopes for a catch up about how he started off as an Esprit child and became an Olympic skier. 

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Birthday celebrations:

At the end of the ski season, April 23 - we take a look back at all the celebrations had in resort. See below for our 40th birthday wrap-up with out little Esprit friends. 

Read below

40th birthday wrap-up

Esprit family holidays are all about having and making friends, so hosting birthday parties couldn't be a better way to do so. 

Throughout our Esprit resorts, we hosted birthday parties with our kids clubs so everyone could join in the celebration this season. 

Here are just a few of the highlights from the fun we had. 


We certainly celebrated in style and ensured every Esprit guest felt welcomed when arriving at their club or lesson.

We made sure there was a party theme across all our children's clubs with decorations, banners and balloons throughout. 

Together with our little Esprit's, we created more fantastic party decorations to add to the birthday theme throughout the season. 

We were so happy to see all our Esprit children joining in with all the activities we had this season.



Of course cake is a must have when celebrating a birthday!

Therefore, we did lots of baking with our little Esprit's of different birthday cakes...and of course lots of eating of said cakes to.

Everyone enjoyed joining in and trying their tasty cakes after all their hard-work.

It was a joy to see everyone dressed up in party hats while they were with us. 

Party games

We also enjoyed playing lots of party games as you traditionally would for a birthday, as well as doing a lot of crafting.

We even took the party outside and on to the slopes - including some fun chalk drawings and games in the snow. 

What a celebration it has been - here's to the next 40 years!