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6 Things To Remember When Skiing With Children

They might not know what skiing is. Before our first ski trip I realised that we’d been talking to our 3 year old twins about skiing but they’d never actually seen any. We spent a little while watching YouTube videos of children skiing and a Peppa Pig episode about skiing! Some top skiing books can be found here. It sounds silly, but I think it’s really important for young children to understand what will be happening. That was a great way of preparing them.

Don’t feel guilty booking them in for ski school. Yes it’s a family holiday but if you want them to learn, they will get excellent tuition and be super pleased with themselves by the end of the week. As we all know, it’s often hard to teach the people you love new skills.

They will terrify you. Children on the whole seem to be fearless on the slopes, as an adult, seeing your children flying down at full speed is terrifying, but try to go with it. As long as they have their helmet on and they are learning to stop, it’s part of the process!

They will be exhausted. Aren’t we all after a day on the slopes? Little ones will be especially tired though, factor in some ‘wind down’ time to just rest and remember their adventures that day using Cozy Club and Cocoa Club.

They will be starving. Skiing is an energetic business and that means hungry children. Keep plenty of high energy snacks on hand for when they’ve finished ski school or Snow Club.

Get their clothes right. No one likes to be uncomfortable on the slopes but it can be a make or break for young children. An itchy pair of trousers can result in a grumpy day, make sure they’ve tried everything on before you go and you’ve washed it (is possible) to soften all of the new kit. Esprit Ski has some more helpful blogs on what to pack here and here!

What are your top tips for skiing with Children? Let us know in the comments or enter into our Facebook competition by commenting and letting us know what your favourite family activity is! You could win an illusive Bertie the Bat!!!

By Sarah aka Taming Twins,
Sarah lives near Birmingham with her husband and two lovely twins. Her blog, Taming Twins, is about her happily ever after, about being more than just a mother, travel with children and our life with her two little twin pals.