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8 Reasons Why Esprit Is Fun For Adults Too!

Esprit enables you to re-gain the spontaneity and freedom of your pre-parenthood days, meaning you have the time to do exactly what you please with your partner and friends…

1) Whilst your children are in their ski lessons, you too can enjoy some quality ski time in the mountains, tackling demanding slopes you’d never have dreamed of tackling with the children!

2) You can soak up the resort’s local food market, enjoy a leisurely coffee (or vin chaud), shop in chic boutiques, or even go back to bed with a novel, confident in the knowledge that your children are in safe hands and having as much fun as you are with our trusted child carers.

4) If you fancy a change from the slopes, you could have a massage or beauty treatment – easy to organise with the children off your hands.

5) Our baby & child listening service means that you can enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner, whilst your children are soundly asleep and being cared for by our expert staff!

6) You can drop the children off with the snow rangers at 8:30, meaning that you time to have an extended breakfast and get yourself ready for the day.

7) Whilst the children have high tea, parents (of non nursery children) can spend time in wellness area (if available) or pop out to test the Apres.

8) We provide wine…a lot of wine!

We understand that it’s not that you don’t love your children, nor want to spend some holiday time with them, but that once you’re a parent, having the mere possibility of so many hours to please yourself is a luxury!

All parents deserve this luxury from time to time, so go on indulge yourself Trust us to care, so you’re carefree!