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A Day In The Life Of A Snow Ranger – Part 2

It’s 8 o’clock on a fresh winter’s morning in Obergurgl. The sky is clear and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day! I take a picturesque walk to Snow Club in Chalet Hotel and get the toys out ready for when the Spritelets arrive.

They particularly like playing with the pirate ship, so I place the captain and his crew into position. On one table I lay out paper and lots of crayons, ready for some creative fun. There are musical instruments, story books and toy cars all at the ready. I put on some Disney music, and walk over to Chalet Alpenblume to collect two of my Spritelets.

We walk back over to Snow Club together, singing nursery rhymes along the way. I meet the other two Spritelets back at the Hotel; they wave goodbye to mummy and daddy, and now we’re all ready to play!

It’s Superhero week in Snow Club, so after an introductory play with the toys (the children decide the captain must walk the plank, but luckily his crew member, who happens to have magic superhuman powers, flew to his rescue and saved the day), we turn to painting.

I ask the children who their favourite superhero is, and it’s a mixture including “Batman!”, “Superman!”, “Super Skier!” What awesome superpowers do they have? “Invisibility!”, “super strength!”, “the power to turn vegetables into chocolate!” (my personal favourite). We choose our paint colours and design our superhero logos. We get nice and messy painting them all, and once the children have exhausted their artistic talents, we clean up and get ready to go outside.

We grab the bum boards and make our way to the park. We sing various renditions of ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ on the way, using every colour we can think of. We get to the park and find ourselves surrounded by an abundance of glistening, deep snow. We dive in, creating snow angels and naming them after our favourite superheroes.

The Spritelets each choose a bum board and prepare themselves to have a super speedy bum boarding race! “On your marks, get set, go!” And they’re off! Spinning around and laughing as they go, it’s a photo finish as they all land in the fresh powdery snow at the bottom, before screaming out a unanimous “Again! Again!”

The children have had plenty of fun in the snow, and all that running around has made four very hungry Spritelets, so it’s time for lunch! We walk over to Alpenblume, they all take a seat and I serve them some delicious food – a mixture of baguettes, pasta and jacket potatoes with all the trimmings. The other Snow Rangers are here too, and they’re all eager to find out what the children have done this morning, so the Spritelets are busy chatting away.

Once lunch is finished, I get the children ready for their afternoon ski lesson. They’re all very excited, and can’t wait to get back out in the snow! We head over to the piste and meet up with our lovely ski instructor, who takes us to Bobo Land, which is full of colourful toys and fun ski equipment such as cones, balls and hula hoops.

Together with the ski instructor, we get the children into their skis and send them off on the Magic Carpet to the top of the slope. They ski down, practising their pizza slice snow ploughs, and with the use of a hula hoop steering wheel, they try turning for the first time. We take a short break halfway through the lesson, having a snack and playing in the snow. We have a snow ball fight, where I am outnumbered and therefore covered in snow as a result. “We’re going to turn you into a snowman!” they all happily announce.

After the ski lesson, we head back to Snow Club for some indoor games. We play ‘pop up pirate’, Jenga, and have a race with the toy cars. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it gets to dinner time before we know it! Tonight’s High Tea is sausages, peas and mash, which the children love. We all talk about each others day and tell stories about what we’ve done. The children get collected by their parents, who are greeted with big hugs! The parents are eager to read their children’s diaries for the day, which explain all of the fun things the children have done in snow club and during their ski lesson.

When it gets to 7.30pm, the Spritelets come to Cozy Club which takes place in the nursery in Alpenblume. In here, we wind down at the end of a fun-filled day by reading stories, drawing pictures and playing with the toys. The children make me a feast in the toy kitchen, and they find another pirate ship to play with, where again, the captain is told to “walk the plank! Walk the plank!” By 9.30pm, I wave goodbye as the children are collected by their parents. They all have a good nights sleep before the fun of today continues tomorrow!