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Booking ski holidays for your family that ticks all the boxes can seem daunting. Being able to drop off your kids at our flexible childcare services not only means that you and your partner can relax together but also that your children can learn new skills on and off the slopes while socialising with others their age. If you are on the hunt for your next family adventure, opting for a ski break with childcare really is the way to go. But what can a parent really expect on an Esprit Ski holiday? To help answer that question, we want to present to you a day in the life of an Esprit parent, helping to paint the picture of life on the slopes during a family ski holiday. Who is the parent in question? Well, it’s none other than double Olympic gold medallist swimmer Rebecca Adlington, who kindly provided us with a first-person account of her experience on her family’s Esprit holiday. Rebecca shared some fantastic insight into what to expect, speaking to us about everything from the childcare to the highlights of her day.

What was it like trading the pool for the pistes? Was it an exciting new challenge?

Rebecca Adlington: “I had such a fun week. The first day we had a private lesson as we were very much beginners and I couldn’t believe how quickly I picked it up. I took part in the ski show, ‘The Jump’, but dislocated my shoulder before properly learning to ski so this was a fantastic opportunity to focus on the skiing part. After the first day, we went into group lessons and loved it. It’s such a tranquil sport as you go at your own pace. The views were stunning too!”

What was a typical morning like for you during your Esprit holiday?

“Most mornings you wake and get yourself organised for the day then head down to breakfast. After breakfast, we either went in the pool or Summer went into Snow Club while we skied. We did half and half during our holiday.”

Rebecca Adlington skiing on Esprit Ski holiday in Belle Plagne

Rebecca Adlington with daughter on Esprit Ski holiday in Belle Plagne

What was your favourite part of the day?

My favourite part was when you head back in after skiing. Taking your boots off was heaven!!! We would go into afternoon tea, pick Summer up and all sit there with a slice of cake and a warm drink. It was lovely!”

Did you feel comfortable dropping off your kids before heading to the slopes?

Yes 100%. You all get to know each other as families but you get to know the staff very quickly. They were great with the kids. It was very clear where to take them and the signing in and out process.”

What would your advice be to parents thinking about an Esprit holiday?

Rebecca Adlington: “I would definitely use Esprit again. The staff were excellent. My advice would be to go into a hotel that suits your needs as a family. If you like something else to do other than just skiing etc., then do a bit of research on the right hotel. Otherwise, the staff are excellent so it’s the only bit you need to worry on!”

How did Summer find her experience in Esprit childcare?

“Summer had so much fun. She bonded very quickly with some of the staff members and made friends too. She is still singing the songs two weeks later.”

Rebecca Addlington's daughter on Instagram

Image credit: @beckadlington

How flexible did you find Esprit’s childcare services?

We loved how flexible it was. Summer was in ski lessons (Spritelets) in the afternoon so each morning we decided to have family time or head out on the slopes to our lessons. But we could decide that as we needed. Sometimes we picked her up earlier, so she ate with us too - there was no set structure. It meant we could do what was best for us and our day and making sure Summer was happy.”

After the children’s time in childcare, did you still manage to enjoy quality time together as a family?

Rebecca Adlington: “Yes, we did. Like I mentioned we had some days until 1pm as a family and other days we picked her up at 4.15pm-ish and still had a few hours together before bed.”

Rebecca Adlington on Esprit Ski holiday in Belle Plagne

Why choose Esprit for your next family ski holiday

As you can see from Rebecca’s experience, an Esprit holiday is truly something to savour for families, creating both time together and quality ‘me’ time for the adults. We were delighted that Rebecca and her family enjoyed their time with us and we hope that you feel inspired to follow in her footsteps and join us soon! With incredible destinations on offer such as Austria, France, and Italy, and a multitude of fantastic family ski resorts available, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect ski holiday for you and your family. Book your family ski holiday with Esprit and enjoy some time for you.