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A Day In The Life Of Our Sprites

We have explored the what is involved working in our Chalet Hotels and what life looks like for a Snow Ranger with our Spritelets, but we haven’t delved into the day of our Sprites! So let’s take a look at what our Sprites get up to on a day to day basis when with Esprit Childcare in Les Arcs.

Every morning starts the same way at 8:30am in the Altitude Chalets Reception where the children are dropped off, and the Childcare staff ensure all the children have their pink colourful bibs so they can be easily seen on the mountain.

While they wait, we have lots of fun with sing-a-long songs and some games to get warmed up before the ski lessons which are every morning with ESF.

After they zip around on the mountain, the Sprites are pretty hungry, so they get taken by our Snow Rangers to their supervised lunch where they get filled up on things like jacket potatoes, pasta or baguettes. After some chatting, games and singing, lunch is over and they are taken back for Snow Club.

Snow Club is great fun, and includes activities that are indoors and outdoors, arts and crafts and lots of games, building snowmen, going bum boarding, and of course snowball fights! With all that running around, we make sure they have some snack in the snow or feast on the piste so energy is always high.

Then it is off to high tea which our Snow Rangers supervise much like lunch. With choices such as bangers and mash, chicken pie, fish fingers and spaghetti bolognese there are lots of full tummies ready to fuel our Sprites for the next action packed day.

But playtime isn’t over yet, from 7:30 we have our Cocoa Club which has a different theme for each night such as quiz night, or extreme arts and crafts. One of the big favourites is the egg drop challenge where our Sprites have to create a protection for an egg when it is dropped down the stairs. If they succeed, they can crack the egg over a snow rangers head!

If your Sprite is between 8-12, we have Cocoa Club Plus which runs 3 nights per week and has great activities like bowling , a treasure hunt around resort or another classic of twilight bum boarding followed by delicious hot chocolates.

Then it is off to bed, ready for another packed day on the slopes!