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A Taste of The Mountains: Local Recipes to Try at Home

A hearty meal is important when out on the slopes, so we wanted to re-create a meal for you to enjoy whilst at home using some popular traditional dishes across our resorts. Treat this as chance to reminisce about your time on the mountains and enjoy a delicious meal, as you spend some time together once the kids have gone to bed.

Before your meal why not enjoy the popular Italian wine-based cocktail, Aperol Spritz. It’s super simple to make – just Prosecco, Aperol and soda water over ice, and enjoy with a small selection of cheeses and cured ham.  

Starter - Bruschetta

The bruschetta is a classic antipasto from Italy and it’s a super simple starter to make. The dish was originally created during the 15th century to make sure bread, which was going stale, wasn’t wasted and has remained a popular starter to this day. There are many variations of bruschetta toppings including tomatoes, cheese, vegetables and cured meat, but the main ingredients are the garlic, olive oil and salt which are rubbed on top of the grilled bread.

Here’s a recipe for a bruschetta with mozzarella, don’t forget to drizzle the top with balsamic vinegar – delicious! 

Pair with crisp dry white Pinot Grigio.

Main – Tartiflette

It would be impossible to have a ski trip in the French Alps without Tartiflette, a simple yet iconic, seasonal dish. If you're missing the mountains, use this dish to create a bit of Alpine ambiance at home.

This comforting Alpine classic is prepared with a gratin of sliced potatoes, Comté cheese and smoked bacon lardons topped with creamy, melted farmhouse Reblochon cheese.

Tartiflette is French comfort food at its best. It's easy to make with just a few simple ingredients and is completely delicious.

Here’s a recipe for the heart-warming Tartiflette. Try serving this French-style cheesy potato bake with a variety of pickles, gherkins, and charcuterie.

It is best paired with a dry white wine. Traditionally, Tartiflette is served with Savoie white wines.

Dessert – Tarte aux myrtilles

Who doesn’t love a dessert? The French are renowned for their patisseries and their Tarte aux myrtilles (Blueberry tart) is popular favourite. It’s a simple dessert to make and looks beautiful on any plate, with the rich purple coming from the blueberries and small dusting of icing sugar over the top. Traditionally this dish is made from Bilberries which are from the same family as blueberries, but are usually smaller and darker in colour.

This Tarte aux myrtilles recipe from Rick Stein and BBC Food will help you create your own delicious tart. It’ll make enough for eight, so you can save some for the kids the next day or just save it for yourselves!

Pair with a Malbec, however if you prefer a lighter wine, try it with a Muscat.

To Finish

To finish off, enjoy a classic Italian coffee or a Caffe Corretto which translates to ‘corrected coffee’ and includes the addition of a shot of alcohol, usually grappa, Sambuca or brandy. Don’t forget an After Eight, or two, to accompany your coffee!

If these recipes have got you excited about starting to plan your next ski holiday, Esprit Ski is the right place for you. Take a look at our ski holidays to some of the world’s best ski resorts.