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Adventures Of Bernie The St. Bernard: Bernie And Bertie Spend The Day In Nursery

Lucky for Bernie the St Bernard, his best friend Bertie the Bat is here in La Rosiere for another whole week. The only problem is poor Bernie and Bertie are extremely tired from all their skiing from last week. So they’ve both decided to spend their day in the nursery, with all the lovely new guests who have just arrived.

As Bernie and Bertie slowly padded their way through the colourful hallways leading to the nursery, they couldn’t help but hear the happy singing of all the children. Bernie’s tail started to wag wildly because Bernie loves to sing. He isn’t very tuneful but Bernie makes up for that with plenty of volume. It was some of his favourite songs too, like Old McDonald, because Bernie is particularly good at all the animal sounds.

Then it was Berties favourite part of the day as all the boys and girls were going for a walk through the stunning forest paths that lead to the town next door. Everyone calls it Narnia and Bertie loves Narnia. However Bertie certainly doesn’t walk. No – Bertie uses his majestic wings to swirl and twirl around the trees taking in all the views of the mountain and – of course – overlook all his Esprit friends as they make their way through the forest. He had to make a steep descent though when he realised they were building an igloo in the snow. He didn’t want to miss out on that! Bernie was extremely good at helping to make the igloo – one of his favourite hobbies is digging after all. And Bertie swooped in and out helping to round the edges. It was a very impressive igloo.

After all their hand work Bernie, Bertie and all the lovely Esprit children returned home in order to have a well deserved nap.

Join us next week for more adventures and fun with your favourite St Bernard from the beautiful La Rosiere, Bernie.

With lots of lick, muddy paw hugs, and wingy waves

Bernie, Bertie and The La Rosiere Team