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Adventures Of Bernie The St. Bernard: Bernie And Bertie’s Ski Trip

It was a very exciting day for Bernie. His fluffy tail has been wagging non stop with excitement over one of his best friends coming to visit. Bertie the Bat finally arrived at the beautiful and very, very snowy La Rosière.

They were so happy to be reunited. One of the best things about Bernie having holiday time means he can finally hit the slopes with Bertie! Some people think bats aren’t the best skiers but then they clearly haven’t seen Bertie.

The only problem is that sometimes Bertie gets a bit too much air in the jumps and suddenly takes off, flapping his wings and flying high above the La Rosière mountains. Bernie’s quite used to this though. So whenever Bertie takes flight, Bernie takes a little break with his favourite doggy biscuits and enjoys the view, watching Bertie swirl and swoop around the clouds.

Bernie and Bertie decided to spend the morning with all their new friends in the nursery and with the Spritelets. They always have the best sing- a- longs and Bertie loves to sing and dance. His new favourite song is “Reeses peanut butter cups”. It has been stuck in his head all week because Bertie and Bernie both love jam and peanut butter sandwiches after a long day of skiing.

They were singing it all the way to the Le Roc Noir run which was covered in fresh powder snow! As they carved their way down the slope the sun set in the distance.

The pair couldn’t resist the opportunity for a selfie before they finished the rest of the run and enjoyed a hot chocolate.

Well that’s it for this week. Look out for Bernie’s next adventure in the very snowy La Rosière. We can’t wait!

With lots of lick, muddy paw hugs, and wingy waves.

Bernie, Bertie and The La Rosière Team.