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Adventures Of Bernie The St. Bernard – Snow Park Time

Bernie has another great day ahead. Now that Bernie has mastered his technique on the skis, he’s taking a visit to La Rosière’s notorious snow park. Bernie can’t wait for another excuse to get up in the sky again and this is the perfect way. Bernie also has excellent company today. He’s with his best bearded friend, Harry. So off they went up the button lift to the snow park.

When they arrived, Bernie and Harry realised that La Rosière has opened up an air bag so they can finally practice all their crazy tricks. Being fearless, Bernie decided to go first. He got himself plenty of distance and pushed off on his skis. Faster and faster he skied until he flew off the ramp and performed the most incredible back flip any dog has ever performed in La Rosière. Harry couldn’t believe it – he could never top that.

Next Bernie decided to give the rails ago. He gracefully mounted the rail. Harry couldn’t believe his eyes- Bernie was a natural trickster.

Bernie was getting pretty thirsty though. So Harry and Bernie skied down to the lovely town next door, Les Euchert to sunbath out on the sun deck chairs at their favourite restaurant. Bernie lapped up his Orangina at such a speed. Extremely tired after their adrenaline filled afternoon, Harry and Bernie enjoyed the incredible sunset whilst looking at all their breath taking photos from the day. This certainly wouldn’t be something Bernie would be forgetting anytime soon.

Join us next week for more stories about our favourite St. Bernard, Bernie.

Lots of licks and muddy paw hugs,

Bernie and the La Rosière Team