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Enjoy the festivities on the slopes this season

Going away for Christmas is a dream so many of us have, especially if it means we can enjoy a little festive snow for once! Parents might be thinking that having children makes something like this unattainable but when booking Esprit holidays at the best ski resorts for families, this couldn’t be less true. Skiing is the perfect family holiday at Christmas, bringing a touch of magic to the festive period and helping to create memories you and your children will never forget. Let’s take a look at the joys that are waiting for you in resort.

The Kids Will Love A White Christmas This Year

How many of us haven’t dreamed of a truly white Christmas? For us adults, we might have one memory of such an occasion from untold years ago but for our little ones, they may have never actually experienced snowfall fluttering down on Christmas morning.

Why not make this dream come true for them? It can easily be achieved with a ski holiday, with the climate and majestic mountain scenery guaranteeing a white Christmas for you and your family to share together. Just think of the magical memories you will be able to create for your children! Seeing their faces as they open the curtains on Christmas Day will certainly warm the heart.

Experience The Excitement Of Having Christmas Away From Home

When you have children, Christmas is inevitably a thrilling time of year as we parents feed off our children’s enthusiasm. However, it can get a bit repetitive celebrating the holiday in the same location, over and over again. Mixing things up is never a bad idea and with a magical ski holiday – you and your kids can experience the wonder and excitement of celebrating Christmas away from home. Holidays are always fun but just wait until you go away for Christmas, the holiday cheer is pumped way up, providing a unique experience that both you and your children will never forget.

You also don’t need to worry about being without your home comforts; the fabulous resorts offered by Esprit Ski go the extra mile to make families feel at home. Our cosy chalets and chalet hotels provide a home from home so you can experience a classic family Christmas without lifting a finger; all the while the slopes are right outside for you and your children to enjoy. If you’re lucky, maybe Santa will even pop by to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Relax While Someone Else Does The Hard Work

Yes, Christmas is definitely the most magical time of year, but it does come with the stress of having to cook big family meals and clean up after all the celebrating and merrymaking. On an Esprit Christmas ski holiday, this hassle is removed from the equation. The only ‘tough’ decision you have to make is how close you want to sit next to the fire.

We do all the heavy lifting, so all you need to worry about is when to fit in the traditional family board game when the mountains are on your doorstep! Spend Christmas Day doing whatever you like – ski, snowboard, sledge or simply relax, while your chalet host takes care of all the cooking – just make sure you are home in time for the Christmas feast and glass of champagne! With Christmas dinner cooked to perfection on your behalf and attentive childcare at your disposal for when you and your partner want to hit the slopes or enjoy some alone time together, Christmas becomes that joyous occasion always showcased to us on TV.

Exercise To Work Off The Christmas Feast!

How many times, when spending Christmas at home, have you simply spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa after overindulging during Christmas dinner? This certainly isn’t the best way to burn off all those recently accumulated calories. When opting for a ski holiday, however, you will have abundant opportunities to work off that Christmas feast. You will likely be hitting the slopes at every opportunity, providing a unique fitness component to your Christmas break. As you can burn up to 400 calories an hour during a ski session, not only will you feel better for it, but you will surely have worked up an even bigger appetite for all those yummy Christmas treats still to come!

Esprit Offers Magical In-Resort Activities During Christmas

The atmosphere in-resort is extra special over Christmas with festive markets, mulled wine and Christmas lights, all against the beautiful backdrop of the snowy mountains. With a Christmas tree, traditional Christmas dinner, and champagne available at all of our properties this festive season, there is plenty to look forward to but that’s not all that’s on offer. You and your family can look forward to a selection of magical in-resort activities as well. Take our stunning ski holidays in Tignes, for example, a location where the Christmas celebrations are truly something to savour. At Tignes and neighbouring Val d’Isèreyou can look forward to torchlight descents, a Father Christmas parade, fireworks, and plenty of chocolates to boot! Across all of our resorts, there is so much to anticipate; the festive markets, the carols, Christmas lights, and concerts won’t fail to put you in a joyous spirit.

The Joys Of Skiing At Christmas

From a guaranteed white Christmas to the hassle-free experience available, family Christmas holidays don’t get better than this.

If this all sounds like a dream come true, book today so that you and your family can enjoy a White Christmas this year in the Alps.