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Take the stress out of flying with children

Let’s face it, travelling with children can be an absolute nightmare. From airport terminal tantrums, to mid-flight meltdowns, it can be a daunting thought when considering a trip with the family.

Flying with children is one thing, but then adding in the coach transfer at the end? We don’t blame you for being stressed before you leave the house! But fear not! With 34 years as family skiing experts, we are well versed with all the trials and tribulations of travelling with the little ones. So we put together our top tips for you, so that you can really look forward to every aspect of your holiday!

If your little ones haven’t been on a plane before, why not get them comfortable with the idea of plane journeys with an activity book or a story or even some – we love Airplane Flight! A Lift-The-Flap Adventure and My First Airplane Ride.

All of our chalets and chalet hotels come with travel cots, sterilisers etc so you don’t need to fret about lugging that bulky stuff around! Just your bottles and formula if needed…

You can always build some extra excitement by letting your children pick their own hand luggage and let them get involved with the packing (within reason of course!) Trunki’s are really popular with our parents! Just remember, anyone with a seat on the plane, gets hand baggage.

Keep calm. Okay, we appreciate that can be easier said than done, so time is your best friend at the airport. Make sure you have lots of spare time so you can fit in all the toilet breaks and avoid any stress over accidents knowing you still will make your flight . Regular toilet breaks are ideal, even when they say they don’t need to go, as they really will make sure you avoid the worst-case-scenario!

Speaking of the worst case scenario, spare clothes are pretty helpful! Any spills, or accidents, can be easily fixed and will prevent little ones getting cold. A spare fleece is a good back-up too especially for when you head towards your resort.

Most airlines have great first aid kits, but medicines such as motion sickness meds, some antiseptic wipes and plasters are always handy. Let’s face it, if you have them, you won’t need them! Wet wipes and a few plastic bags are also good as a ‘just-in-case.’

A cheap digital camera can keep children occupied for hours, plus it gives you a little insight into their world! Too young for that? Just don’t forget their favourite cuddly toy!

Lastly, headphones! We all remember our tablet, or phones, which are loaded to the max with entertainment, but forgetting those headphones can not only be a nightmare for you, but also those around you on the plane!

Remember, if you are travelling with little ones, our BAT weeks might be perfect for you