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Fun in One of Austria's Best Family-Friendly Resorts

Trying to find the perfect resort for a toddler, can sometimes be very difficult to come by.
However you need to look no further, as Obergurgl might just be the perfect place for you and you’re wonderful children.

The Esprit Chalet Hotel Alpenblume, is located just 200 metres from the Bobo-land children’s ski area and is only a 3-4 minutes walk from the main Festkogl gondola. What makes this location perfect for your little ones, is that nursery is located within the chalet you will be staying in.
Every evening in the Alpenblume we have our Child Patrol and Baby Listening service. Here you can put your children to bed and have your dinner, knowing that there will be one of our wonderful snow rangers or nannies patrolling the corridors and exits, making sure that the children are sound asleep and safe from harm.

Our other Esprit Chalet in Obergurgl is the beautiful Verwall Chalet, which is only a 120 metre walk from the Alpenblume. Here you will find the children’s Snow Club and just outside of this chalet you will find the Bobo-land children’s ski area, that we previously mentioned.

Having the main Gondola so close to our chalets, means that we don’t have to travel too far, to embark on our magical space gondola rides. We blast off up to the top of the mountain, keeping our eyes peeled for those naughty snow monkeys!

Once we are finished on our gondola ride, we can make our way to Bobo-land! Here we can find Obergurgl’s very own mascot, Bobo the penguin. Bobo is always pleased to see the happy, smiley children having lots of fun on their skiing holiday, he will always be more than happy for a big hug or a high five!

But the fun doesn’t stop there as Bobo has his very own play park, that he wants you to come along and enjoy, shoot down the slide, or reach for the stars on the swings just don’t forget to bring your amazing smiles!

If you think that pirates used to only bury their treasure on desert islands, then you were wrong.
The legendary sea pirate Captain Crook buried his treasure somewhere here in Obergurgl, find the treasure map and follow all the clues, and you could find the 500 year old treasure, left by the Notorious Captain Crook himself.

Just on the doorstep of our wonderful Verwall chalet, we can find piles and piles of snow, ready for us to build our very own igloo. Wrap up warm and let out the builders inside of you, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Esprit igloos! You might even catch a naughty snow monkey hiding in them from time to time, they are very cheeky.

Another amazing benefit of having the slope outside the doorstep of the Verwall is that we can grab our sleds and go bumboarding! A favourite activity of ours here at Esprit! Grab your helmets and you gloves and sit back on our super sleds.

These are just a few of the fantastic activities that you can take part in here in Obergurgl, we are so lucky to be surrounded by so many locations to hold the most perfect and exhilarating activities, for the wonderful children that come on our holidays.

All we need now is you, so that we can share this fantastic resort and these amazing activities with, what are you waiting for! Our BAT weeks are especially designed for all those travelling with babies and toddlers and come with a bunch of ‘batty’ additions for the little ones! With free infant places and half price nursery places you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing the little ones are having the time of their lives!