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Italy Loves Children & Children Love Italy

Take a look at Italian Renaissance art and you will see tender images of children and family members. The tradition of family is heavily embedded in the Italian people and this friendly, laidback attitude can be seen all around the Italian ski resorts.
Overlooked in the past by their European compatriots, Italy is becoming increasingly popular year after year with skiing families. Italy’s value for money, friendly relaxed attitude, quieter slopes and stunning scenery all being reasons to travel there.

The welcoming attitude towards younger families means that you don’t have to think twice about taking the family into a bar for a post ski drink or going for a family meal in a restaurant, the only reception you will get will be one with a smile. And as for the Italian food- useful staples such as pizza and pasta make dining with fussy young diners a breeze. Helen Ruchti, author of La Bella Vita writes:

‘Italian children are raised at the table. They grow up sitting on the laps of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. They are held and kissed. They learn to talk and listen simultaneously, to talk loud enough to be heard. They learn the joy of being with family and the value of a lazy Sunday afternoon’.

Further Reasons To Love Italy:

Short transfer time

Long transfer times are a nightmare for anyone but when travelling with younger passengers this is magnified; luckily transfer times are very low, Turin to our resort of Gressoney is under 2 hours!

Empty slopes

A further advantage of choosing Italy as your family ski destination is that even during school holiday dates the slopes are a lot less crowded. Compared to other European countries the locals seem to have more of a relaxed attitude towards their winter holidays, and therefore leave the slopes virtually empty while they enjoy leisurely breakfasts, prolonged lunches and afternoon sunbathing sessions.