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How & Why: rent your children's ski clothes

We drag the big bag from the loft, struggle them into their jacket or salopettes, only to find yes - they have grown another 6 inches since the last ski season

Our children just keep on growing, so rather than buy them a new set of ski or snowboarding clothes each winter and dip into your holiday budget or pass them their siblings hand-me-downs which tend to start looking a little tired (or still too big) after 3 years in a row.

Yes, you could pop to those auction selling sites to see what you can find, or you can search the internet for ‘cheap kids ski clothes’ - either way, perhaps not quite certain of the quality you will end up with. Wouldn’t it make more sense to rent your child the right size ski clothes for your holiday on the slopes? 

This is an option these days, and we have teamed up with EcoSki who offer a great range of rental ski gear for all ages. It’s so simple to do and makes great sense. 

girl in pink hat




With fashionable items to pick from, your child can feel super cool out on the slopes. EcoSki covers it all from base layers, hats and socks to jackets or snowsuits - all at a very reasonable rental price, which you then just send back after use without having to worry about washing a thing, sounds like a parents ideal tick list. 

If you are still not sure about this great, functional way to dress your children for your skiing and snowboarding holidays, then here’s a little extra reason why you should - this is a much more environmentally friendly way to hit the slopes each year then buying new. By investing in this way of thinking, you can help towards a more sustainable future and ensure that our mountains are still full of snow each year. 

This is something we here at Esprit Ski Holidays are also passionate about and we are just embarking on the start of our sustainable journey in the hope of making a difference. 

We have been taking families on skiing holidays for many years (so much so this season, 2022/23, we are celebrating our 40th birthday!) so we understand what it takes to plan a ski holiday, no matter how big or small your family is.