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Learning To Snowboard

Looking to try something new next season while on holiday? Why not learn to Snowboard?! Two ladies who have skied for almost 15 years of their lives did just this! Georgia and Emma, two of our reps in Les Gets, thought it was about time they took on the challenge of learning to snowboard…

Having nervously gone into ESF in Les Gets to book our first private lesson. The team were excellent on giving advice and they also made sure we had a handsome instructor (which I am sure the Mums out there will agree was a huge bonus!) We made sure to book into a 2 hour session which gave us enough time to learn the basics.

As Georgia and I walked down to our first tuition lesson, the nerves started to butterfly in our stomachs. This could have had a lot to do with the fact we were about to fall over numerous times in front of our rather lovely, French ESF instructor. Having been waiting for so long to have our first lesson, the wait was now over.

Before we met Marc, the first thing to do was to buy bum protectors as we had been told by many people that this was an essential! Aren’t we glad we did?! Our bottoms were a little sore to say the least after our first day on the slope.

Our instructor was brilliant throughout our 2 hour session; within the first half an hour we were sliding onto the landing strip to get on our first chair. Having never done this before, it must have been an amusing site with Marc gripping our arms either side to balance us. Somehow we successfully appeared at the other end ready to begin the task ahead.

Both feet strapped in and we were off. Beginning with toe turns then onto heel, along with a lot of time spent on our knees, several falls along the way and then the technique clicked. Near the end of the session we were managing to link turns, and even get off a chair lift alone… (Don’t worry we still insisted on holding Marc’s hand anyway!)

After an exhausting day and some accidental 360’s, we could proudly say we can officially snowboard! What a fantastic day and hopefully many more to come!

If you are interested in our snowboarding lessons, call us now on 01483 791900 or check out some of our great Ski Packs here!