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We are delighted to introduce our wonderful Childcare managers

How long have you worked for Esprit?

I have worked for Esprit for 3 winters, in both France and Austria.

Why do you love Esprit? What makes Esprit different to other family tour operators?

I love esprit because it provides everything both children and parents want out of a ski holiday. For the children, it provides them time away from parents to interact with children their own age in a safe and secure environment. This enables them to develop friendships, whilst enjoying learning how to ski or play in Snow Club/Cocoa Club.

It’s great to see children making friends, especially when you get to see their friendships blossom over the course of their holiday. Watching the Snow Rangers and Nannies interact with the children is fantastic because it’s clear to see how passionate the staff are!

For the parents, our wrap-around childcare service gives them the flexibility to enjoy their own ski time, safe in the knowledge that their children are being well looked after. So there really is something for everyone!

Jack Foord, Resort Childcare Manager, ObergurglAustria.

What is your childcare experience?

I am an Assistant Scout leader at my local Scout troop and have been for 3 years. Before this, I was part of the “Young Leader” program for two years. I’ve worked for Esprit for 3 winters as both Snow Ranger and Head Snow Ranger.

Last summer I was fortunate enough to work at a medical summer camp in Colorado caring for children with serious/life threatening illnesses. I provided a high level of personal and emotional care and support.

I was the program leader for both the Equestrian and Fishing activities and was responsible for ensuring a safe, yet fun environment for the children.

I will also be volunteering at another medical camp in Ireland this October, where I will be providing physical and emotional support for the campers.

What do you love about childcare?

I am passionate about childcare because it’s fantastic watching the children form friendships, learn new skills and try new things. Seeing their faces light up as they achieve something in life, albeit; learning to ski, catching a fish or even writing their own name is a massive reward for me.

Seeing them smile and laugh as they experience new things is truly heart-warming. I take pride in being a positive role model for the children, knowing I can impact their lives and teach them something new.

What attracted you to work overseas in the mountains, rather than work in childcare back home?

The mountains are very addictive. I’m extremely passionate about all things mountain related; snowboarding, biking, hiking etc. So, when I found out that I could combine my two passions I immediately went for it!

How will children benefit from an Esprit holiday, ski lessons and childcare?

Children will benefit from a holiday with Esprit in many ways; by forming new friendships, learning to ski and having fun all at the same time.

I remember when I went on a holiday and was looked after by Snow Rangers – I thought they were the coolest people in the world. They were so fun and always knew what to do, so I grew up wanting to be one. They had a massive impact on my childhood holidays and as a result, my life.

A holiday with Esprit will be a truly unforgettable experience for your children in terms of the skiing, the childcare, the mountain scenery and the friendships.

How would you reassure nervous parents leaving their child for the first time?

Upon arrival, I speak to the parents individually about their child’s needs. It’s important to be as open and honest as I can in order for the parents to know exactly what their child will be doing throughout the week. So, I show parents activity plans and talk them through a step by step process of where their child will be at all times.

Parents are more than welcome to visit the Childcare rooms with the children, so they can see how much fun their child is going to have over the course of their stay.

Do you have any top tips for parents who are going on their first family ski trip? Anything to pack or prepare?

Pack plenty of layers for both yourselves and for the children! Bring additional hats and gloves just in case the main pair get misplaced or wet from the snow (adults too).

Bring sunglasses and sun cream because, despite the temperature, winter in a ski resort can be extremely sunny! If a child has any medication bring two sets because it’s always best to have a backup!

Read our blog for more information about skiing with children!

I look forward to seeing you in Obergurgl!

Jack Foord