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What to take on a family day out skiing

We know that packing for any skiing holiday, be it just you or your whole family, can be a little stressful at times. Even when you’re just heading up the mountain for a day's skiing, there’s so much to consider and everyone has their own skiing essentials list, especially if you have children in tow

So, we thought we’d help out and ask some of our industry expert friends what was the one thing they can’t leave without when they’re heading out for a day of skiing or snowboarding, 

Here’s what they had to say:



Martin Bell, Ski Instructor and Former Olympian: 

“My favourite thing to take with me is my harmonica. I enjoy learning to play various tunes on it, or just making vaguely “bluesy” sorts of noises.

I don’t mind the strange looks – generally the response is positive! When you spend a large part of your life skiing, you obviously spend an even greater time riding various lifts so it’s good to have something to do!.” 

On a long ski lift, it’s good to keep the little ones entertained so boredom doesn’t set in, so just in case you’re not as proficient as Graham at the harmonica, a little toy or even a snack hidden in their jacket pocket might  keep them occupied .

Top Tip from us: Always make sure to bring SPF Lip balm on the slopes for you and the kids. Though you may remember to add some sun cream to your face, it's always best to care for your lips (and nose too). Great to carry if you are skiing in the later months of the season, half-term or Easter

James Cove from PlanetSki: 

“My inner gloves – it means I can take photos, shoot video and use my phone without getting cold hands.” 

If you are often having to take your outer gloves off to help your child do up a jacket, unwrap a snack or like James, capture your family memories on camera then these are the perfect addition to your skiing outfit. 

Top tip from us: Don't forget to pop a warm, woolly hat into your bag. If you stop for lunch and want to take your helmets off, you'll find you cool down quite quickly and we lose a lot of heat through our heads. EcoSki is a fantastic environmentally friendly company that offers the rental of ski gear, for adults and children. They are a great resource for base layers as well as jackets and salopettes. If you have growing children, renting is an affordable (and sustainable) way to keep them in the best quality gear every season.

There are some great restaurants out on the slopes, with fantastic views so you may want to enjoy sitting outside and taking it all in, be it in Tignes, Val d'lsere, La Rosiere or Champoluc



Neil English, 20 years ski editor at Mail on Sunday: 

“My asthma inhaler and local currency for refreshment in any mountain establishment, regardless of how rustic” 

Always making sure that you have the right medication with you is an absolute must, but having cash on hand is just as important in case of an emergency and not just so you can enjoy a pit-stop on the slopes for a drink.

Otherwise, it's handy to remember to pop a drink in your bag to see you and your children through a morning out on the slopes.

Top tip from us: A thermal flask is also a great idea to take out on the slopes with you, though a bottle of water is still needed. If you are skiing with little ones, then it’s a great idea to keep them extra warm with a sip of hot chocolate. It feels like an extra special treat - especially if you are enjoying a family ski trip over Christmas.