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The Fear Factor

Doing something new for the first time can often be preceded by nerves or even downright fear. This is certainly true for a number of first-time skiers, but, as we’re about to show you, having a more child-like attitude could make all the difference!

While many adults can sometimes feel nervous about hitting the slopes or doing something similarly high-adrenaline, the same doesn’t seem to be true for many kids. A lot of parents believe that their children are more adventurous than adults, not succumbing to the fear of failure that can plague us as we get older.

In a survey we conducted about adults and their fears, 72% of parents agreed with this idea that children are often more fearless than adults. Meanwhile, two-thirds said that being scared of something would get in the way of them doing it, compared to just 59% of kids.

These statistics suggest one thing: if fear does flare up before doing something new, it might be worth taking a leaf out of your kids’ books! Thinking like a child and embracing a first-time experience can help you to enjoy it and put aside all that apprehension.

For kids, most of their experiences are new, so they feel less fear than adults when being introduced to something, regardless of how dangerous or unusual it may be.

We teamed up with filmmaker Paul Richardson, who created this video to show how adults and kids dealt with going skiing for the first time at the Skiplex in Reading. They also shared their thoughts on what scared them the most when trying something new.

Set Free

Letting go of your hang-ups about anything that scares you is easier said than done – at least, if you’re an adult. In our survey, when asked what they thought kids were best at, the most popular answer among parents was being fearless, with being creative and trying new things coming second and third respectively.

Kids said that adults were best at cooking, working and looking after people, whereas parents believed that adults were best at being rational and sensible, organising/planning and, crucially, looking after their family. To make the last part come true, perhaps it’s worth taking the plunge.

We Have Limits

Later on in our poll, over 71% of adults said they wouldn’t jump out of a plane, while more than 72% said they’d refuse to swim with sharks.
For both questions, a higher proportion of kids said they would give it a go.

So, what have we learnt from these results? In order to truly enjoy something, you need to embrace a more child-like enthusiasm for new experiences, leaving your fears at the door. Forget about the organising – just get out there and do it!