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Some safety advice from Esprit

We at Esprit Ski are hoping that you are very much looking forward to your holiday with us this winter. Of course you are probably all set and prepared to depart with us, with all your ski gear etc. Skiing is a very active and adventurous sports, whilst being a lot of fun the sport itself and the environment the sport takes place in, does have its risks.

This short guide aims to give you some safety advice for when you travel with us this winter. Of course we do not want to put you off your holiday, we simply want to inform you of the ways you can stay safe and have a great time whilst skiing or snowboarding.


One of the most essential pieces of equipment you could have when coming away. We highly recommend wearing a helmet during skiing or snowboarding. You can purchase a highly quality helmet for around £60 with the Premium helmet prices reaching £200. The cost is high however a worthy investment considering the consequences if you injure yourself.

Back protection

Back Protectors are common types of protection used whilst skiing or snowboarding, more commonly in snowboarding, due to the likelihood of falling on your back. The impacts that you can take to the back are potentially harmful, the use of a back protector can reduce this to a large extent. The use of a protector can also give you reassurance of a softer landing, if worried about doing so.

Goggles and Sunglasses

During a skiing holiday some of the most common damage you can do, is that to your vision. Even though the temperature is very low, the sun remains very much in the sky and can still be harmful. When it comes to eye wear we recommend a good quality product with strong UV protection, preferably polarised lenses.

You can purchase good quality products for reasonable prices both in and out of resort. We do also recommend purchasing multiple lenses for your goggles, if they are interchangeable, as at times the visibility can get difficult in white out days.

Having goggles or sunglasses with a strong UV protection will make vision difficult in these situations. Purchasing either a separate pair of goggles, or different lenses, for the bad visibility can also protect you on the slopes, as they will help you see the contours of the piste.

Suntan Lotion

Once again the sun can also damage your skin, bring a strong factor suncream with you on your holiday to avoid any burn or sunstroke. Not only is the sun strong in general, it will reflect off the snow onto your skin, causing further damage. We don’t want this to happen to you!


Gloves do much more than just keep your hands warm. Falling over on the snow, whilst skiing or boarding can cause ice burn. This is similar to a graze you may get from falling on hard ground, also very painful and irritating. Another potential harm of skiing or boarding without gloves, is when you’re carrying skis. The edges of skis and snowboards are made of very strong, sharp material that once they have been serviced, can cut your hands. Wearing strong gloves can protect you from this and keep your hands safe. Make sure your gloves are also perfectly waterproof to protect your hands from the cold.