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The Life Of Lando, The Three Valleys Snow Dog

Lando is a beautiful Alaskan Malamute. He lives in Val Thorens with his human James and just LOVES the snow!!

He was the fluffiest pup ever!

When James first got Lando, they went to Les Deux Alpes for the summer and spent it hiking, snowboarding and skating, whilst Lando chilled in James’s backpack.

Lando loves hiking up the mountains with James…but his favourite bit is chasing after James as he snowboards back down the mountain!

As a husky breed, Lando needs A LOT of exercise…this includes chasing after marmottes!

He cannot resist the water – where there is water, there is Lando!

Lando is very clever and knows where the seasonaires like to spend their time and eat, so he will go there and look pretty, hoping they will give him a cuddle and a chip (or two!)

Lando is happiest when bathing in powder – he is a snow dog after all!

Goodbye for now from Lando

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