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Thrills In Tignes

Day one of your ski holiday in Tignes. What do you do? Sure you could ski for the entire week, but what if you want to try a little bit more? If you are a thrill-seeker, Tignes has got you covered!!!


One of the most popular things to do in the Alps and here in Tignes is no different. Take in the breath-taking views of the mountains from the air as your soar with the birds. Experience this fantastic tandem flight from the top of the Toviere mountain all the way down to the frozen lake in Le Lac. Because it is entirely weather dependant, you will almost always have a blue bird day for it so you will never forget this amazing flight.

Speed Riding

Similar to Paragliding but for the even more daring of you out there. Skiing with the aid of a kite, you will effortlessly cruise down the mountain. The easiest way to describe Speed Riding is to call it a hybrid of skiing and paragliding, the ultimate thrill for those off piste enthusiasts amongst you.

Micro Light Flights

Another spectacular way to see the Espace Killy from the air, micro light flights are incredibly popular in Tignes. This is a much more comfortable way to fly of the mountains and truly take in the stunning views. It is also not age or height restricted so anyone can do it!

Helicopter Flights

Although all of the above offer a superb experience, arguably to the best way to view the Alps in by helicopter. We offer a range of flights in Tignes, ranging from a 5 minute Tignes Tour, 10 minute Espace Killy Tour or even a 35 minute Mont Blanc Tour. All of them are once in a lifetime adventure so be sure to take your camera so you can make all your friends back home jealous!

Ice Diving

Moving on from the aerial thrills, Ice Diving is not for the faint hearted. Plunge beneath the ice of Lac du Tignes and experience the tranquillity and stillness of the icy depths. No previous diving experience is required here and all the necessary equipment is provided for you so feel free to explore this historic lake and its myths while the light dances above you through the ice. For an even more unique dive, why not do it at night?

Ice Climbing

The freezing of the waterfall in Tignes les Brévières signals the arrival of winter. So why not climb up it? With crampons and an ice axe in hand you’ll be ready to conquer this wall of ice.

Husky Sledding

A firm favourite for visitors to Tignes, Husky Sledding is a must while you’re here. Sit back while the dogs take you on a ride on the frozen surface of the lake. If you fancy something a little more thrilling though, you can always drive the sled! This was of course the chosen method of transport in the Alps for many years and it is a great way to experience the more traditional side of Tignes.

Whatever it is you feel like doing, chances are that here in Tignes you can do it and it will be an unforgettable experience. So what are you waiting for? Get out to here and see how amazing it is for yourself!