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They say that time flies when you’re having fun and there is no better modern day example to prove that age-old adage than a ski holiday in the Alps.

5. The Air Bag

If, by the latter stages of your holiday you feel that you have outgrown the mighty black runs and perilous off piste tracks, then this novelty addition to the snow park may be your cup of tea. Sitting proudly at the top of the the snow park is an enormous PVC cushion which allows daring adrenaline junkies to attempt that back-flip which they’ve always dreamed of pulling off without fear of immediate medical attention. Also free to use.

4. The Narnia Walk

Affectionately dubbed the Narnia Walk by locals, this charming 15 minute stroll through the snow capped trees which connects La Rosière to the neighbouring village of Les Euchart is a must-see for all visitors. The winding path, dotted with secluded view points across the valley to Les Arcs, feels especially magical in the moon tinted glow of the evening. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like experience a C. S. Lewis novel for real, then this is for you.

3. The St. Bernard’s

Arguably the most famous residents in resort, the two loveable St. Bernard’s which live next door to the Chalet Schatzi are always grateful for special attention.  Their breed of dog actually hails from this part of the world, and a miniature museum is dedicated to Beethoven and co at the bottom of the Roche Noires chair lift.  Guests are welcomed to take the very friendly, yet very lively, pair for walks around resort… So long as the small kegs of whiskey are returned untouched to their owners!

2. The Torch Lit Descent

Every Friday evening, immediately following the children’s medal ceremony, Esprit Ski run a torch lit descent from the top of the nursery slope. For a fee of 10 euros, children can experience a fun-filled activity which will make them the envy of the classroom. Snaking down from the highest point of the second button lift, parents are presented with a glowing line of mini skiers which makes for a fantastic photo opportunity as well as a lasting holiday memory.

1. The Faisan Run

What better way to conclude a ski holiday countdown than with a ski run! La Rosiere isn’t short of impressive panoramic views, but there is one in particular which trumps all others. It can be found en route back to resort after a day’s skiing across the border in Italy and is best saved for around 4pm; just as the sun is beginning to set over the horizon. As you haul yourself off of the Belvedere chair lift, you will find yourself skiing at a steady pace until the run veers to the right and around the side of the mountain to reveal the most stunning of moments. As you ski past a long line of tourists and seasoned instructors alike  – all desperately fumbling for their cameras at the side of the piste – you will be patting yourself on the back for choosing such a fine resort as you look out across the sun drenched peaks of the Southern Alps as if you discovered them yourself. Marked as a blue run, it is something which the whole family can enjoy and it is a truly remarkable sight.