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What Does It Take To Be A Snow Ranger?

We mention our fabulous Snow Rangers a lot. They are an integral part of our Childcare team in our resorts, who help out with anything from our Cocoa and Snow Clubsupervising lunch, taking the children to lessons, entertaining the children during High Tea. We asked Snow Ranger Rory Clark who worked in Alpe d’Huez for Esprit Ski this season a few questions about his job and what it takes to be a super Snow Ranger!

How Did You Find Out About Working For Esprit?

One of my friends had spent a winter working in the infamous resort of Val d’Isère and recommended Esprit Ski to me as a fantastic opportunity to be able to work with some amazing children and learn to ski as a complete beginner as skiing had always been something I wanted to try. Four seasons later, I still love spending the winter with the children of Esprit Ski!

What Kind Of Experience Do You Need?

When I applied for Esprit I had just finished an apprenticeship at an outdoor centre working with children teaching water sports. The enthusiasm that I had in that job was definitely useful for being a Snow Ranger. Above all else I would say enjoying working with children is the most important thing to doing this job and being able to demonstrate responsibility for the children you will be looking after.

What’s Your Favourite Part Of The Day Working In Childcare?

It changes really and depends on what age group I am with but I really enjoy skiing and seeing the children progress as Spritelets and Sprites during their ski lessons. I also love bonding with the family during drop off and nursery high tea!

What Is The Best Thing About Working For Esprit Ski?

I love doing the songs that we sing when we take the children to ski school. When I first got to the Esprit training week I was a little overwhelmed by the high energy level but it is all worth it when you see the difference in children who were feeling a little nervous at the start of the holiday compared to the end of the week. You get really proud when you see them beam with joy during their medal ceremony; it’s an awesome feeling. Another thing I love is the childcare staff from all resorts train together so you make so many new friends very quickly in training week; there is a great community of returning childcare staff with Esprit!

Which Resorts Have You Been To? Which Is Your Favourite And Why?

I did my first winter season in La Rosière which is a really nice family resort where all of the guests stay in beautiful chalets. My next season was in Val d’Isère which lived up to its amazing reputation. It is the perfect mix of skiing, nightlife and restaurants as well as lots of extras such as a cinema and a huge swimming pool. Last year I was in Courchevel which has a fantastic ski area and now I am in Alpe d'Huez!

My favourite? Tough question – they all have their own character and I have fond memories of all but at a push I would have to say Val d’Isère; definitely a resort you should visit once in your life at least!

What Would You Recommend To A Family Going On An Esprit Holiday For The First Time?

I would recommend signing the children in to Sprites or Spritelets ski school, lunch and Esprit Ski activities so they can fully immerse themselves in the whole Esprit Ski package. The medal ceremony is also fantastic so definitely attend that! Children love it and feel proud of their achievements.

Most importantly: don’t worry! We look after your children very well, and take lots of care when planning our activities! Your only concern should be that most children don’t want to go home!