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What Ski Gear?

For families that have never been skiing before, it can often be difficult to comprehend the unfathomable array of ski gear and clothing. What is included? What can I get? Where should I get it? Is it going to cost much? The summer period is ideal for picking up bargains and getting yourself ready for the forthcoming winter. However, knowing what you need to buy is half of the battle.

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This article is designed to provide you with a brief overview and a few options to help you get all sorted ahead of time; making the most of any deals that can help you kit out your little ones for less. Time is everything.

What can I hire?

The importance of a helmet cannot be underestimated. In fact, the majority of ski schools will refuse to instruct any children not wearing a helmet. Not always the most glamorous of kit, they are there for the purpose of protecting your children’s heads when they, inevitably, fall down trying something new. We include FREE children’s helmets with ski hire booked through us (age restrictions apply, please enquire for further details).

Easily one of the fundamental parts of a skiing holiday, your children will need to head to your chosen ski hire shop to get their skis ahead of lessons the following morning. If you organise ski hire through us at the time of booking, your resort staff will assist you in getting to the shop at your convenience.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all little skiers will need poles. Certainly, for those among our Spritelets, poles will not be required at all during the week. However, as a rule of thumb, beginners and most improvers will not require poles, at least until the later stages in the week.

Just as important as the skis, ski boots are specially designed to protect the ankle and secure your feet into the safest skiing position. Two ‘entry’ types are available (rear and front), both providing the maximum amount of support. Front entry can be a little difficult to put on (there’s certainly a knack to it) but that will soon be forgotten as your little skiers shoot off with their instructor, having the time of their lives.

What do I need to get ahead of time?

You barely see any skiers or snowboarders without them, for good reason. Designed to protect your eyes from the bright sun at altitude, as well as keeping out an array of snow, slush, ice etc., goggles are a fundamental piece of equipment.

Warm Hat
Your children aren’t going to be skiing all the time. There will be moments when they’re playing in the snow, hanging out with our super cool Snow Rangers in the Snow Club or Cocoa Club and are still going to need cover. Did you know? The head is the first place that heat escapes from our bodies!

We don’t keep a stock of jackets overseas; therefore your children will need their own. Ski jackets are designed to be warm and keep snow out. Look out for those that have snow belts too, they’re elasticated and clip together at the front, meaning less snow can creep into the jacket, thus keeping your children warmer

Ski Pants (Sallopettes)
Much the same as the jacket above, these trousers (or pants, as they’re sometimes known) are specifically designed to keep your child from getting wet and cold when they’re playing in the snow. Most are insulated, but double-check, just to be sure. If you think it would help, layer them up by wearing multiple base layers.

Base Layers
There are so many variations on this garment, that there is no single brand that is ahead of the game. Layering is one of the best ways to regulate body temperature. We would certainly recommend that you invest in a base layer for your child.