Ski holidays with childcare

Here at Esprit, we understand the importance of the whole family having fun on holiday. We have led the childcare concept for UK families on skiing holidays for the last 38 years, and our childcare options are regularly evaluated and improved, with previous guest feedback always the key element in further enhancing the Esprit experience.

For parents, family ski holidays with childcare can be a daunting prospect, but when joining us on an Esprit family ski holiday, you have the opportunity to leave your accommodation after breakfast to head for the first lifts, only needing to return after the last one shuts. Our energetic and caring childcare team look after your children throughout the day at our ski schools and kids' clubs, meaning you can enjoy your ski holiday wit childcare taken care of. 

Babies and toddlers go to our nursery where our Esprit nurses care for them and make sure they have an activity-packed day. Esprit Snow Rangers and ski staff take the older children, chaperoning them to our partner ski-school, collect them, deliver them to lunch, run fun activities to keep them happy and stimulated and then take them back to their chalets / restaurants for high tea, giving you our super-convenient 'seamless service' throughout the day.

Your Esprit childcare choices

Day time care

  • Nurseries – 6x full days for children aged 17 weeks to 3 years and 4 months
  • Snow Club – 6x am/pm fun club for 3-12 year olds not ready to ski all day
  • Supervised lunch - 5x lunch for 3-12 year olds

Night time care

All Esprit childcare.. 

  • has strict ratios of staff:children
  • has many children of the same age, meaning that making friends is super easy
  • offers 'seamless service' if combined with our ski lessons
  • is run by our dedicated and qualified childcare team