Small ski classes are a vital factor for children’s safety, enjoyment and speed of learning, so Esprit ski lessons have a maximum of 8 children per class and only 6 per class for 3 and 4 yearolds.

We have found over the years that ability, as much as age, is a critical deciding factor in balancing children’s ski classes. So, our stated ages are a guide, and there may be a more extensive age range within the class, but the children’s abilities on skis will be similar. The ski instructors may, however, move children from class to class during the week to match their ability levels.

Some ski-schools operate an assessment system on the first day of ski lessons to ensure children are in the appropriate class. Occasionally where there are two classes of the same level, the two instructors may combine their groups initially to best place children in the class where they will be happiest, but our overall instructor/children ratio will always be maintained.

In all resorts, children will be collected in the morning from their chalets, exclusive hotels or designated meeting point, signed into our care by Esprit Staff and taken to their Esprit lessons. Our staff then sign them into the supervision of their instructor. If children are in our Beginners or Spritelets sessions, an Esprit Ski Ranger will accompany them throughout the session. If children are taking part in Esprit lunches, staff will collect them at the end of their lesson and escort them to the next part of their day.

Your Esprit ski lessons choice

Ski lessons for 3-4 year olds:
Ski lessons for 5-12 year olds:
  • Sprite ski lessons - 5x am lessons available for beginners, improvers, intermediate and advance
  • Sprite Xtra lessons - 5x full day lessons for improvers and intermediates (only in selected resorts)
  • Mountain Academy - in French resorts (5 afternoons and 1 morning with ski instructor dicovering the local nature and a bit of skiing) 
All Esprit ski lessons..
  • Are Esprit ski classes with children easily seen in Esprit bibs *
  • Have a maximum 8 children in a class, and maximum 6 children of 3 and 4 year olds in a class
  • Have strict signing in and out procedure
  • Have a medal ceremony at the end of the week
  • Have Esprit Snow Rangers involved. A ranger will accompany Spritelets and Sprite beginners throughout their lessons and will join other lessons once a week

* Lessons can also have children from our sister company Inghams