Choose from 4 Sprite ski lesson levels

Great fun on or off skis

Sprite Beginners

5-9 years

5 x am £359-£399

Ideal if your child is a complete beginner or cannot do a basic snowplough turn yet. The ski classes are in the morning for 2-2½ hours tuition.

Esprit childcare

Sprite Improvers

6-10 years

5 x am £329-£359

Improver morning classes (2-2½ hours tuition) are for 6-10 year-olds who can cope easily with all types of ski-lift and execute confident snowplough turns on blue runs.

Esprit Childcare

Sprite Intermediates

7-12 years

5 x am £329-£359

Esprit Sprite Intermediates are morning classes of 2-2½ hours tuition, for 7-12 year-olds who have skied for at least two weeks and are starting to parallel ski, but still rely on snowploughing on trickier red runs.

Esprit Sprites on the slopes

Sprite Advanced

8-12 years

5 x am £329-£359

Morning classes for 8-12 year-olds with three or more weeks’ skiing experience, who are confident on blue and red runs and are looking for more challenging guidance.

Key information

Ski holidays are all about sharing your passion with your kids, and that starts with quality lessons. We work closely with local ski schools in every resort - our classes are exclusive to Esprit children, with guaranteed small numbers and English speaking instructors.

Some ski-schools operate an assessment system on the first day of lessons to ensure children are in the appropriate class. Occasionally where there are two classes of the same level, the two instructors may combine their groups initially to best place children in the class where they will be happiest, but the overall 1:8 instructor:children ratio will always be maintained.

In all resorts, children will be collected in the morning from their chalets, hotels or designated meeting point, signed into our care by Esprit staff and taken to their Esprit exclusive lessons. Our staff then sign them into the supervision of their instructor. If children are in our beginners sessions, an Esprit Ski Ranger will accompany them throughout the session.

A lift pass will not be needed for the first day of the lessons for beginners, and, depending on conditions, may not be needed until later in the week. For children in Sprite Improver and above we recommend having one from the first day. If children are taking part in Esprit lunches, staff will collect them at the end of their lesson and escort them to the next part of their day.

It is important to book ski lessons at the time of booking so you don’t miss out.

What level skier is my child?

Esprit Sprite Beginners:

This morning class is for complete beginners who either need to increase their confidence with snowplough turns or cannot yet complete them fully. In this class, the children will learn to snap into their skis and bindings, pick themselves up from a sitting position with skis on, side-step up a gentle slope, and start linking snowplough turns. An Esprit Snow Ranger accompanies this class all week to provide additional support and help with non-skiing needs.

Esprit Sprite Improvers:

This class is for children who can cope easily with all types of ski lifts, and execute confident snowplough turns on the more gentle runs. The children practice coming to a sliding stop at the end of a snowplough turn, and start to experiment with a “hockey stop” on the gentle slopes.


Esprit Sprite Intermediates:

This class is for children who are starting to parallel ski but still rely on snowploughing on trickier steeper runs. They can ski directly over hollows and bumps and know how to do basic skating steps. The children will learn controlled skiing across varied terrain, will practice good body positioning and will focus on building confidence with parallel turning.

Esprit Sprite Advanced:

This class is aimed at children that can execute parallel turns and are looking for more challenging guidance. The children will practice skiing at a higher speed while implementing controlled braking, they will learn how to use vertical body movement to start turns, making turns quicker and closer together on steeper slopes and the classes may include an introduction to soft snow technique at the side of the piste or the practice of slalom course skills.

Good to know

  • Collection and drop off from meet points/your accommodation
  • Strict signing in and out procedure
  • An Esprit Snow Rangers accompanies beginners and will join other lessons once a week
  • 3-4 year old should join our Esprit Spritelets classes

Available at 4 resorts

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