Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


 Flights & Transfers

What are my flight times?

Flight details can be found on our Family Ski Flights Page. Your flight times will also be detailed on your invoice.
Please not that all flight times are provisional. Final confirmation of these times will be on your tickets, which you will receive around 2 weeks before departure.

Which terminal do I fly from?

Your departure flight terminal will be detailed on your tickets which will be sent out roughly 3 weeks prior to your departure date. You can also ask one of our reservations advisors who can let you know this.

What is my baggage allowance?

Your baggage allowance will be confirmed on your confirmation invoice. Please ask your reservations advisor when booking if you would like to know before confirming. The allowance will at least 1 x suitcase weighing up to 18kg plus 1 piece of hand luggage per person (not including infants).

Does my infant get a baggage/pram allowance?

Carriage of prams is included with all our our flights. Infant baggage allowance will vary depending upon the airline – ask your reservations advisor when booking.

Does my infant get a seat on the coach?

Infants are not allocated a seat for our transfers and are asked to sit on parents’ laps, therefore car seats are also not provided. If a spare seat is available and you choose to bring your own car seat, we cannot guarantee that it will be compatible with the seatbelt system used on European coaches.

Do all of your coaches have seatbelts?

Yes all of the coaches and vehicles we use for your transfers will be fitted with at least a lap seatbelt.

I am travelling in 2 days, why can I not fill in my API?

As we send this information over to the Airline in advance, this must be filled in at least 48 hours prior to departure. Do not worry if you have not completed API, as these details will be taken at check in at the airport.

Is API information compulsory?

It is not compulsory to enter API data for our charter flights, however we would recommend entering it as it will help to speed up your check in at the airport.
Providing us with your mobile telephone number will also mean that, in instances of travel delay, we will be able to communicate up-to-date information to you by way of our Text Alert service, if you wish it.


 Babies / Infants

What’s included in the accommodation for infants?

There will be a travel cot and cot linen ready in your room, as well as baby food which is always available, and freshly made purees at lunch and High Tea. Various facilities are always available for your use. Read more about What’s Included for Infants on our Family Savers page.

What facilities are there for babies?

There are various facilities which are always available for your use, such as a kettle and microwave, for more details see our Family Savers Page. Childcare areas and facilities will vary by property – check the individual property pages for details.

What types of baby food do you provide for weaning infants?

Your Resort Childcare Manager will discuss purée options for your child on your arrival. Purées are home-made by our catering staff to a suitable consistency. Purées are available for all mealtimes and our chefs are well trained in suitable foods for weaning babies/toddlers.


 Chalets & Chalet Hotels

What is the difference between a Chalet and Chalet Hotel?

In comparison to a traditional Chalet, Chalet Hotels tend to be larger and have better facilities. They aim to bridge the gap between Chalets and locally run Hotels whilst offering a relaxed atmosphere and English-speaking staff. Read more about the different options on our Chalets and Chalet Hotels page.

Do you have a laundry facility with in the chalet or Hotel I am staying in?

We do not provide a laundry facility in any of our Chalets or Chalet Hotels.


 Payment/Invoicing & What’s Included

What is the deposit?

The deposit for all of our holidays is £150 per person. This includes any ‘free children’ travelling, but does not include infants.

When is my balance due?

Full balance is due 10 weeks before the date of departure. If you would like to pay for your holiday in stages up to this date, this is of course no problem.

Does the price include extras e.g. Childcare/ski packs?

Prices generally do not include childcare or ski packs. For details of the childcare options available, see our Childcare page. Some resorts may have special offers for childcare and ski packs, check individual resort pages for these. There are also particularly good value offers for childcare on our ‘BAT weeks’ for babies and toddlers – see our BAT Weeks page to read more.

What are flight supplements and room supplements on my invoice for?

We price our holidays using a ‘base cost’, which is based upon the cheapest possible flight and room option. Some flight departure points will carry a supplement, and rooms which are not the cheapest room, such as a suite will carry an accommodation supplement.

First family ski holiday: What do I need to pack and what do you provide in resort and nursery?

Essentially, pack anything you would use at home… Nappies, wipes, bottles, comforters (bring more than one if possible), snacks and top tip is to label every item of clothing.
Some of these items may be available in resort, but if they are available, are likely to be much more expensive than in the UK.
We will provide a cot if required and access to a parent station which will have a bottle warmer, steriliser, fridge and milk. Nurseries will have lots of toys.

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 Childcare & Activities

What activities do children in Cocoa club take part in whilst adults have their evening meal?

Some example Cocoa Club activities are ‘Xtreme Arts & Crafts’, Singstar, Egg drop challenge, quiz night and many more. Read more about Cocoa Club here.

Are we able to borrow bum boards/sledges?

You can borrow sledges and bumboards (subject to availability)

Do the childcare staff in France need the same qualifications as nurseries in England? FAQ

Yes. All of our Nurseries are staffed with qualified childcare staff. Our Nannies have a level 3 qualification (NVQ, DCE etc) and they are supported on shift by our Nursery assistants who have a level 2 qualification. Click here to learn more about our Nannies.

Do you need to book all childcare in advance or can you decide in resort?

We always advise to pre book your childcare so that your children don’t miss out on anything. In some cases you may be able to book additional childcare in resort by speaking to your Resort Childcare Manager as long as there are spaces available.

How can I help my child get over their fear and nerves of being away from parents?

Our childcare staff are well trained and very experienced with these types of situations. We would advise preparing your child for the holiday but explaining what is going to happen each day. Upon arrival, you will be able to speak to the Resort Childcare Manager, who can introduce themselves and the other childcare staff. You can also then let the team know any particular likes and dislikes.
Our childcare staff are always very friendly and good fun, and they will be playing games all week! We often update new photos of the fun in resort on our Facebook page, so why not have a look at some of the pictures together.

My child has only just been potty trained. I am worried about him doing his lessons but being able to get to the toilet on time, you tend not to get a lot of warning at that age…

Our staff are well used to newly toilet-trained children! We ensure that all children are supported in regular toilet trips and as a staff member will accompany your Spritelet on his ski lesson they will be on hand to get him to the toilet as quickly as possible. The staff are also unbelievably quick at getting the children to the toilet at very short notice!

Do you have washing machines available if there is an accident?

Yes there are washing machines in all of our resorts for any such emergencies. These are not for general guest use but will always be available if needed for the children

Can I see which activities my child will be doing in the day before dropping them off?

All activities are planned prior to your holiday and are displayed either in or outside the childcare rooms. We do change activities every now and again if the children really want to do something different!

What is your child to care ratio?

Our ratios are dependent on the ages of your children. For under ones there will be a staff member to every three infants, for children aged between 13 and 23 months there will be one staff member to every three children and for toddlers aged 24-40 months there will be one staff member to every 4 children.
Our Spritelet’s (3-4’s) have a staff member for up to six children and our Sprites (5 and above) have a staff member for up to eight children.

Do you take the children away from the chalets or chalet hotels?

Lots of the activities are outside but not far from our chalets and hotels. All activities are fully risk assessed by our management team, our friendly childcarers will answer any questions about specific activities that you have.

What activities do the kids do?

The activities are dependant on the age of the children. Nursery children do lots of arts and crafts as well as walks in the snow and building snowmen. Our older children spend most of their time outside having snowball fights, bum-boarding and building igloos!

Do you separate the children by age?

Children are split into different childcare clubs and skiing classes by age. See the different age brackets and details of the childcare here.

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My child is a little hesitant and nervous about the skiing – how would you suggest is best to help this?

If you have a local dry or indoor ski slope, these can be fantastic for building confidence. If you have been with us before, don’t feel that it is essential for your child to go up a level every week. Perhaps they skied in the Sprite Improvers last time, and by staying at this level they may be more confident. . The ski instructors will assess the children both on ability and confidence throughout the week and support them to move up/down the groups as they feel is appropriate. After all, the most important thing is to ensure that your child is enjoying their skiing. Make sure you also chat to your Resort Childcare Manager about your concerns who can offer additional support and advice.

At what age can my child start ski lessons?

We provide ski lessons for children from 3 years old. There will always be a childcarer on hand to assist them with their non-skiing needs and to offer support for this age group.