Our Nurseries are run by qualified British nannies or nursery nurses with an NVQ Levels 3 in child Care or equivalent recognised Level 3 child care qualification with some Nurseries supported by Nursery Assistants. Our Nurseries are open six day a week from 8.30am to 5pm.

Nursery Staffing

Our Nurseries are run by qualified British nannies or nursery nurses with an NVQ Level 3 in Child Care or equivalent recognised Level 3 Child Care qualification with some Nurseries supported by Nursery Assistants. Our Nurseries are open six day a week from 8.30am to 5pm.

Daily Routine

Our Nurseries are structured to provide a happy and stimulating environment for babies and toddlers.


A typical day begins at 8.30am, when the children have free-play to settle them in and to absorb the disruptions of any late arrivals and goodbyes to parents.

Mid Morning

Children have a snack and then those who need a nap can sleep in one of the Nursery cots, while the other children have a creative session with paints, stickers or other craft activities.


Specially prepared by our staff. Freshly made purées of varying consistencies are available for our younger guests, whilst older children tuck in to a healthy meal. We also stock our chalets with a selection of baby food, freely available.


There is another nap opportunity for the sleepy, and a structured session for the more active toddlers, such as Music & Movement or making cookies. Then, after an afternoon snack, the outdoor fun begins – weather permitting of course! Depending on age and parental consent, children may be taken on a ride in a gondola-lift, on a bus trip, out for a walk or simply to play in the snow. Older toddlers may even go ‘bumboarding’.

Day’s End

The day draws to a quiet close with free play, and parents are asked to collect their Nursery children by 5pm.

High Tea

At 5.30pm, at least one parent is asked to accompany their Nursery child at High Tea in their ‘home’ chalet or Chalet Hotel. Freshly made purées are always available, as well as the main high tea choice for children.

Naturally the precise structure of the day will vary to take account of weather conditions, children’s routines and local facilities.

Exclusive Free Esprit Playroom at Chambery Airport

Not only does flying to Chambery mean shorter transfer times – a huge bonus for small children – but there’s also our FREE Esprit Playroom in the departures area! Our staff will take all the strain of caring for the little ones making your homeward journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Supervised Lunch
Snow Clubs
Evening Care

  • Exclusive to Esprit babies and
  • Qualified British Nannies or
    Nursery Nurses
  • Fully equipped, specially designated play-rooms
  • Separate sleep-rooms or cot areas
  • Snacks, refreshments and lunch included
  • Fun-filled themed activity weeks
  • Fresh air outings and toddlers’ snow-play
  • Daily diary kept of each individual child’s day
  • 6 full days from just £315 per child
  • FREE Esprit playroom at Chambery Airport
  • We maintain strict ratios of Nannies to children in our Esprit Nurseries as follows:
  • For infants 17 weeks-12 months: 1 nanny per 2 infants
  • For infants 13-23 months: 1 nanny per 3 infants
  • For toddlers 24-40 months: 1 nanny per 4 children

This is an important element to check when comparing with other crèche providers.
(We may occasionally ask for your understanding if ratios are temporarily varied due to staff illness for example.)

Nursery Activities and Equipment

Nursery activities follow the same exciting ‘Theme of the Week’ as our Snow Club, such as ‘Arctic Antics’ or ‘Space – the Final Frontier’, so that all children in our care, including Nursery and Snow Club siblings, have similarly themed fun-filled experiences. Our Nursery toys and equipment are chosen for their educational as well as play features, and meet stringent health and safety guidelines.

Nursery Locations

All our resorts have fully equipped Esprit Nurseries, available exclusively to Esprit children aged from 17 weeks-40 months. Most are based in dedicated rooms in our larger chalets or Chalet Hotels, but in some resorts we have hired special rooms in local properties – see the relevant resort pages for details. Where we have more than one Nursery location in a resort, we allocate children so that their fun and activities can be more tailored to suit their ages and abilities, so your child may not necessarily attend the Nursery in your ‘home’ property, and you will be informed of the allocated Nursery on arrival.

Nursery 17 weeks - 40 months All day care with qualified Nursery staff
Spritelets 3 - 4 years Half-day ski-play - a toddler’s introduction to the fun of skiing
Sprites 5 - 12 years Sub-divided into morning ski lessons for a range of different ski abilities and age group levels
Sprites Xtra 6 - 12 years As above but including afternoon ski lessons as well as morning, for maximum time on the slopes!
Supervised Lunch 3 - 12 years Children’s lunch with staff supervision 12-2 pm
Sprite Guided Ski Fun 6 – 12 years Afternoon guided free-skiing sessions for children ready to explore the mountains
Snow Club 3 - 8 years Action-packed half day activity club with our Snow Rangers, including lunch
Mini Cocoa Club 3 - 5 years 7.30–9.30pm - A quiet time for pre-bed stories and play
Cocoa Club 6 - 12 years Supervised evening club 7.30-10 pm
Cocoa Club Plus 8 - 12 years Evening club including après ski activities

Esprit Child Care Guarantee

We are confident that our child care services surpass those of any other tour operator, and that you will be more than happy with the way we look after your children and the progress they make.

To back this up, we offer our simple and effective Child Care Guarantee: if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our child care, tell us why and what proportion of the cost you consider to be a fair reimbursement. We will then investigate thoroughly for you, and pay back an amount we agree is reasonable and fair within 28 days of receiving your written request.

This guarantee covers any situation where there has been any failing on the part of our staff or suppliers, but is not applicable where parents simply change their mind about child care requirements.

To avoid ruining your holiday plans, Nursery places must be booked with your initial telephone reservation. Due to our strict ratios we are unable to take bookings after your arrival in resort.