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Sport Relief Challenge

We were very privileged on Tuesday to have Sir Matthew Pinsent in the office.
It turns out, as well as being a rather good skier and yearly Esprit repeat guest, that he’s ‘quite good at rowing‘.

Sir Matthew is of course famous for having won four consecutive Olympic Gold medals, alongside 10 World Championship Golds in an incredible sporting career.

He stopped into the office to set a mystery distance on the rowing machine over 2 minutes. To raise money for Sport Relief, on Friday we will be running a sweepstake to guess the distance rowed, as well as a challenge for the more competitive, to attempt to beat the distance!

Sir Matthew did give us some advice, stating that 2 minutes is too far to simply sprint – right before he began and seemingly sprinted at lightspeed out of the gate!

Results Update!

On the day, Sir Matthew rowed an impressive 686 metres in the 2 minutes.

Did we beat it?

No.. the closest we came in the office was 627 metres, but certainly a great effort given that the target was set by an Olympian! Most importantly, our efforts in the office and from overseas managed to raise over £2000 for the great causes that Sports Relief supports.