Our childcare

Here at Esprit, we understand the importance of the whole family having fun on holiday. We have led the childcare concept for UK families on skiing holidays for the last 40 years, and our childcare options are regularly evaluated and improved, with previous guest feedback always the key element in further enhancing the Esprit experience.

For parents, joining us on an Esprit family ski holidays means you have the opportunity to be able to leave your accommodation after breakfast to head for the first lifts, only needing to return after the last one shuts. Our energetic and caring childcare team look after your children throughout the day at our ski schools and kids' clubs.

Our ski lessons

The Esprit approach is to work closely with the local ski schools and select the best English-speaking children’s instructors to run ski classes for Esprit children, with guaranteed small classes. These small classes are vital for children's safety, enjoyment and progress.

Unless parents are collecting children themselves directly after a class, we always escort children to and from their Esprit Sprite & Spritelet ski classes, and between their classes and supervised lunches, Mountain Academy or Snow Club, plus our signing in/out procedures take place at every point between Esprit staff and parents or ski instructors.

If your child wants a different class to our Esprit lessons (such as snowboarding) then we can also offer this Free Class Connection Service which we call 'Ski Chaperone'. Call our reservations team for details.

We have found that ability, as much as age, is a key deciding factor in balancing children’s ski classes, so we can offer a range of different classes to fit your child's needs.

The right choices for your child's age group