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The Diary Of An Esprit Child

It’s 8:30am and a typical day at the Crystal Hotel in Courchevel begins. The click clack of little ski boots rumbles through the hotel and the children are full with excitement for the day  of skiing and fun activities ahead. Parents wait anxiously watching, as the cold wind blows as their not-so-little boys and girls become independent children, walking through the snow to be welcomed by their Snow Rangers.

The bellow of the Child Care team chanting “repeat-after-me” songs is a warm welcome, and can be heard from far across the mountain valleys. They’re often heard before they’re seen. They make the children glow with joy and happiness for what the day may bring. The instructors then appear, all dressed in red, and we all know it’s time for the Mums and Dads to depart. The skis are clipped on… and off they go. Zooming down the mountain, our Esprit children look like  the next Olympic ski athletes.  They ski in one line like a snake cutting through the snow, creating beautiful turns spraying the top layer into oblivion, as if they were never there.

At 11.30 am the laughter and giggles begin once again when the children return to the hotel, full of smiles and overwhelmed with their achievements from the morning lesson. They ascend the stairs and stomp the slushy remains of snow off  their boots and the afternoon routine begins. Rumbling tummies are evidence enough that they have worked hard and a well deserved lunch is prepared. The array of colourful food from fresh bite-size vegetables to jacket potatoes and baked beans awaits the little stars’ consumption. Once the restaurant is full, the buzz of children’s voices warms up the heart of the hotel and creates a bubble of happiness and joy for staff and guests alike.

Now its 1.00 pm this means SNOWCLUB TIME! Snow Club is the time for all children to burn off the excess energy that has built up throughout the day and consists of the fun games of ‘Splat’, ‘Wink Wink Murder’ and in the singing of songs. The team bond that is builds up within a  week is incredible to see as the children befriend new faces and work to help each other. The amazing paintings and games that their vivid and wild imaginations urge them to produce are beyond the capability of the older individuals among us. It is like a playground in a primary school  – you can hear the shrieks of excitement and see their faces light up with intriguing thoughts of what to do.

At 5:00 pm, they are all tired out and ready for dinner time. Parents arrive in groups to pick up their little bundles of joy and assist them back to the restaurant where they dine on child-friendly portions of their favourite foods.  Dessert is then served and there are smiles all around – they’ve had another successful day and they are ready for the next one, to progress even further with their skiing abilities.

For an Esprit child, the day is unlike any ordinary day – it is planned to yours and your children’s needs with care and precision. We look after you,  and your children,  to a high standard to ensure you all  make the most of your skiing holiday!

Words by Amber Johnson
Courchevel Resort Representative