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Top 10 Ski Books For Children

  1. Do Teddy Bears Ski?

by Rick Sanger

Not only a novelist, but equally a certified Ski Instructor, Rick Sanger brings us this colourful book which will appeal to the younger skier ages (4-6). Universally applauded by ski instructors around the world, it captures children’s attention through a variety of skiing animals that is enough to make even grown adults chuckle on occasion.

  1. Camels Don’t Ski

by Francesca Simon

The story of a camel that realises that the she’s more of a ‘winter camel’ is one we can all relate to. Okay, maybe not, but follow the adventures of Calamity who trades her life in the desert for some skis. Bright and cheery, with cracking illustrations from Ailie Busby, this book will have you laughing from start to finish.

  1. Curious George Snowy Day

by H. A. Rey

Published in 2007, Curious George has been an ever-present for the slightly older young’uns of today. In this book, by H. A. Rey, he ventures out into the snow for the first time and, with the help of his friends, discovers some of the amazing activites that your children can take part in too! From skiing to sledding to snowshoeing, it’s all in a day’s work for this little monkey.

  1. Rhinos Who Snowboard

by Julie Mammano

From the writer that brought you Rhinos Who Surf, comes the winter alternative. One for the snowboarders among our Esprit parents! Not all children need to grow up knowing the divide between the sports, introduce them to the board early on, and maybe we can break down barriers! With a humorous approach to learning snowboard speak, this book will appeal to the younger boarders.

  1. Let’s Try Skiing

by Susa Hammerle

A first ski trip is certainly an area that all can relate to. Whether you’re a parent or a child, you’ve all experienced the dreaded first trip away. Join Simon as he takes on his in this superb book by Susa Hammerle. A reassuring guide for the beginner skier, it is choc-a-bloc with facts and information.

  1. Ollie’s Ski Trip

by Elsa Beskow

Given his first pair of real skis, six-year-old Ollie jumps at the opportunity to head out into the falling snow and take a turn on the fresh powder. Accompanied by Jack Frost, he takes on a snowy adventure, but will he out-ski Mrs Thaw?

  1. Snow

by Roy McKie & P. D. Eastman

As one of the Beginner Books (originally created by famed author, Dr. Seuss), Snow draws young readers into the kind of fun that only a winter’s day can provide. Snowball fights, skiing and naturally, Snowmen, this book is a wonderful way to wind down following a day on the slopes with a lovely hot chocolate

  1. Learning To Ski With Mr. Magee

by Chris Van Dusen

Chris Van Dusen is a legend among children’s authors. With a series of books longer than any ski, Mr. Magee has done it again. Faithfully followed by little dog, Dee, Mr. Magee rises bright and early to learn how to ski. A snowy situation brought on by a run-in with a moose leaves them in peril. Will they make it out okay?

  1. Slush Mountain

by B. J. Lie

A tribute to the traditional winter experience and ski culture, this brilliant book aimed at children aged 12 and under is great for anyone who has ever had skis on, or has experienced the pure agony of ski boots that are too tight!

  1. Tacky And The Winter Games

by Helen Lester

It’s come down to this. They’re ready for the winter games, but are the games ready for them? After hard training to represent Team Nice Icy Land, Tacky and his fellow penguins take on the challenge of winning a medal to take home. Readers are frequently encouraged and reminded of the underlying joy and enthusiasm that propels athletes to greatness in this laugh-out-loud book by Helen Lester.