Key information

Travelling with infants can be stressful; we make it our job to make it as easy as possible for you. Our Esprit Nurseries make it possible for the whole family to enjoy a winter holiday, the nurseries run in a very similar way to pre-schools in the UK. They are led by qualified childcare staff who have a passion for working with children; they are dedicated to settling your little ones and making sure they have a holiday to remember.

Nurseries are open six days a week and provide you with all day care from 8:30am until 5pm. The equipment and toys in the rooms are chosen for their education as well as play features and meet stringent health and safety guidelines.

We have strict ratios to keep the children in the safest environment and with safe supervision.

  • For infants 17 weeks – 23 months a 1:3 ratio applies
  • For toddlers 2 years - 3 years 4 months a 1:4 ratio applies

Our Esprit Nurseries are available exclusively to Esprit children aged 17 weeks to 3 years 4 months. They are located in dedicated rooms within our larger chalets and chalet hotels – you can find the exact location on the resort pages. 

Throughout the day, babies and toddlers will take part in themed indoor, outdoor and craft/sensory activities.

Good to know

  • Exclusive to Esprit babies and toddles
  • Children follow their regular routine
  • Snacks, refreshments and lunch included
  • Detailed diary of what children did throughout the day
  • Fresh air outings and snow play

What their day looks like

  1. Esprit Nursery Care


    After drop off at 8.30am the children have some free play to get settled and meet their new friends before preparing to get ready to head outside for a snowy outing. At 10am it's snack time, and the children who need a sleep can head to our dedicated sleep areas for a rest. Children who don’t need a rest can read stories or do some arts and crafts.

  2. Esprit Supervised Lunch


    At noon the children will head to the restaurant for lunch. This is specially prepared by our staff and we offer homemade purees varying in consistency, while older children will enjoy a two-course hot meal. During lunch the team will hand over to the next child key worker.

  3. Childcare Staff II


    Children who need an afternoon nap can settle for sleep at 1pm, while the older children enjoy some free and sensory play. After nap time at around 3pm, the children may have magical music time before heading outside for some snow play. At 5pm, as the day draws to end, parents collect their children from the nursery and you can find out what they have been up to by reading their daily diary.

  4. Baby Listening


    Take your children to high tea at 5:30pm to give them dinner and get them settled for the evening. From 7:30pm you can leave your children sleeping in the room, while our staff on child patrol will keep them safe, letting you know if they are upset or need resettling at any point.

Available at 3 resorts

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