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Spritelets Holiday Journal

Hi, my name is Alexander and I’m 3 and ¾. I have just come back from my first ever ski holiday in Tignes with Mummy and Daddy. We had such a great time we cannot wait to have fun in the snow again!

It was my first time in the mountains and I was so excited about playing in the snow, I woke up early in the morning and was ready to jump into my snow suit straightaway!

After breakfast, we met the Snow Rangers – Jack and Sophie, who came to pick us up for Snow Club. They made sure we were wrapped up warm and had everything we needed for the day (including sun cream and a little snack for the ski lesson).

Each day at Snow Club was different, with plenty of surprises like a husky hunt, a trip up the mountain in the gondola or making a Mother’s Day present for Mummy.

We would also stop over at the playground and climb up on to the pirate ship or throw snowballs. My favourite though was…. bumboarding and sledging! I loved going up and down the toboggan run, racing with my friends.

After lunch, we made our way to ski school where Raphi, our instructor, was waiting for us. Jack and Sophie helped us change into our ski boots and helmets, and showed us how to put our skis on. Walking in my skis felt really funny at first, but we quickly got the hang of it and were soon whizzing down the slopes

Raphi showed us the ‘pizza slice’ move which is very useful for stopping or slowing down. Later in the week, we also learned to use the rope lift and then skied down with Raphi practicing turns. I loved going really fast down the hill!
When Mummy and Daddy picked me up after the lesson, I told them all about my adventures and we headed straight to the toboggan run for even more snow fun!

Soon it was time for tea, so we walked back to the chalet. My friends were there already, munching on delicious chicken pie. Jack showed Mummy my Snow Club diary and told her all about my day.  After tea, we played games in the lounge before going up to our room for bedtime. I was quite tired after a whole day out but could not wait to get back on the snow the next day.

On the last day of our holiday, Mummy, Daddy and I went skiing together in the morning. I was really excited to show them all the tricks from ski school. After a little warm up on the magic carpet run, we skied over to the green slope. Mummy and Daddy were really amazed at how much I learned in just one week.

In the afternoon, there was a special ceremony at Snow Club HQ. Each of us got a ski medal and a certificate from our instructor, and a special Snow Club award from the Snow Rangers – I got the Superman Award for being unstoppable!

It was sad to say goodbye  and to leave all my friends at Chalet Corniche – I enjoyed every minute of my holiday and made new friends at Snow Club… I wish we could have stayed there a bit longer – hopefully we’ll go on another skiing adventure again soon!