Key information

After a full day skiing children can be tired, so our Cozy Club is a nice relaxed club that allows children to wind down while watching a film or listening to stories.

We listened to guest feedback and introduced Cozy Club for children who are not quite ready for bed and don’t want to attend an active club like Cocoa Club. Cozy Club does not run in all chalets, but we are striving to offer it in a very close neighbouring chalet, so children can come in their pyjamas ready for bed, with only a short walk outdoors, if at all.

In Cozy Club we welcome electronics and have cot beds and bean bags out for children to wind down before you come and collect them at 10pm.

Good to know

  • Exclusive to children travelling with us
  • Atmosphere of pre-bed wind down from home
  • Floor beds and beanbags
  • Collection of fun DVD's
  • Evening drinks and snacks
  • Strict signing-in and out procedure

Available at 3 resorts

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