Key information

Available for children between the ages of 17 weeks to 12 years. Our Esprit Child Listening makes it possible for adults to enjoy dinner, allowing you to have a ‘date night’ or enjoy some adult company.

Once you’ve settled your child down for the evening, our team will listen out for your children outside the rooms; they can inform you if you are needed. This is available in all our chalet hotels and in our larger chalets Romeo in La Rosière and Corniche in Tignes from 7:30–10:30 pm.

*Baby listening is available in chalets on catering night off when you are free to leave the chalet to explore local cuisine.

Good to know

  • Children checked on every 15 minutes
  • Free evening care
  • Our team listens out for your children outside the rooms and inform you if you are needed
  • Baby monitors available

Available at 3 resorts

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