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It’s great fun watching your little ones make their first snow-plough or attempt a button lift for the first time and you want to hear all about their morning ski school and be proud of all their new found ski achievements.

Learning to ski is still only a part of your family's day on an Esprit holiday. There is still so much more to explore in resorts together as a family. 

We know it's important to you that having fun with your children off the slopes on your ski holiday is just as important as on the slopes when making lasting family memories.

Therefore, we have put together some fun ideas for you and your family to enjoy off the piste across the best family resorts:

Val d'Isere

Ice skating
Spend some time perfecting another snow sport - Ice skating at Val d’Iseres Patinoire ice skating rink. As you are already dressed for the occasion in your ski-gear, you can head straight there for an hour of twirling, spinning, acrobatics or maybe just staying upright! 

Tree top adventure
For families with older children, then the Tree Top adventure is a must try, a bit like England's version of Go Ape, this outing is even better at night when the trail is lit up. It's a great chance to bond and help each other through the trees, across bridges, along a zipline and up rope ladders. 

Not just any snowmobiles though - electric, mini snowmobiles designed for your children to get behind the wheel and try for themselves. Give your children the chance to really take ownership of driving a snowmobile and test their skills. 


Snow-tubing is a great way to spend an afternoon, with a child and an adult course, children of all ages can enjoy this activity with you. A conveyor belt takes you to the top of the courses, then you slide all the way down in your rubber tube. Stay wrapped up warm though as this activity is on the snow and outside. For an extra thrill, try snow-tubing early in the evening as it starts to get dark. 

Swimming pool
The Tignes Le Lagon swimming pool is open all year round and has a dedicated fun pool as well as a paddling pool for smaller children. You will easily pass by a few hours messing about in the fun pool, with waterslides, a ‘bubble bath’ and even a cave - there is a lot of fun to be had.

Dog Sledding
If you are a family of dog lovers and want to do something a little extra special together as a family, then dog sledding is certainly for you. Dress up warm, sit back and let the dogs lead the way as you speed across the snowy mountains and take in the views. 

La Rosiere

Every family loves the challenge of bowling! No matter how you bowl, its always a great competition between parents and siblings. La Rosiere has a fantastic bowling complex that will certainly keep you entertained for a few hours, especially if you head into the arcade afterwards.

You can't beat a good family movie. After a busy morning skiing, sit back, relax with some popcorn. Cuddle up to your little ones and enjoy the latest movies at the local cinema in La Rosiere.

Sometimes the best things are the simple things, and spending an afternoon sledging with the children is the best of all. Easy to fit into your day and spending as much or as little time whizzing down the slopes as you like. La Rosiere provides a dedicated sledging area for you. 


Dining out
Italy is of course one of the most popular countries when it comes to their cuisine. Luckily, children always seem to love Italian food - from pizza to pasta, it's always a favourite. The great thing about family meals in Italy, is the locals are so welcoming and friendly and always consider the children - from smaller portions of famous dishes, ‘babyccino’ drinks and the best gelato!

Outdoor park
Champolouc has a great outdoor playpark, a perfect way to enjoy some fresh air and build up your appetite (or perhaps lead up to nap time). It’s got everything you would expect from a park, and a bit more - with spectacular treehouses and gentle walks through the forest on snow-cleared paths.